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About us

How we became MeneaZão Fitness:


David & Bev met through a Zumba Fitness class back in 2009, after teaching a few classes together, it was undeniable that the participants, and the instructors themselves, just had to unite the natural Venezuelan & Brazilian flavours on a more permanent basis, so here we are, providing a sizzlin’ team-up Zumba® Fitness Classes… the rest is history in the making…test1

About Us

A Note from Beverly Paauwe

From my very first class I knew that teaching Zumba® Fitness was going to be one of my callings life… Zumba® has become part of who I am.
I’m from Brazil and grew up having such appreciation for all kinds of dance, for as long as can remember I’ve always been involved in group dance and fitness classes! I have practiced Kick-boxing, Jazzercise, the good old Step Aerobics, High Low, Jazz, West African & Belly Dancing; I danced for the Calgary Roughnecks Lacrosse Dance Team and Calgary’s Football Team as a Stampeder Outrider Cheerleader BUT Zumba® Fitness has been my ultimate best find EVERRRRRRRRR!!!

Back in 2008 I took my Zumba® Fitness Class and by 2009 I was teaching my own first class, the rest is an exciting history in the making!!!

My Zumba® Fitness classes are full of energy and upbeat feel-good music, I always include a good Samba or Brazilian Funk; it’s the best part of my week and it can be yours too! Nothing gives me greater joy than to witness my class having a blast, dancing calories away and toning all at the same time!!

Join us!! You’ll be smiling ,sweating and hooked from day one!

Licensed o teach:
Zumba Levels 1 & 2
Zumba Toning

Attended Zumba® Fitness Convention 2010 & 2011

Can-Fit-Pro Certified FIS – Fitness Instructor Specialist
CPR/First Aid/AED


A note from David Olivares

It all started when I was 15 years old. I used to hate dancing, I felt awkward when I tried to dance, especially with a partner because I would always end up stepping on them and they would end up getting mad at me. But it all changed when I met “Lorena” a girl that drove me crazy, I said to myself: “I would do pretty much anything to get her to like me”. Lorena was a dancer, not a professional one but one that could certainly move, and drive all the boys crazy. Well, I had to do something to get her attention, so I asked her to teach me how to dance, the first few lessons I was always stepping on her, but after much practice I finally got it; not just the dancing but also Lorena’s attention!! So that’s when I got my “AHAAA!! Moment” I said to myself: “hey I do like this, I mean I’m dancing, I have an advantage from all the other guys now and I can use this to get close to the girls I like” So I turned 15 years old, and this is when the real fun started! In my country (Venezuela) when the girls turn 15 years old, it’s very common for them to host this massive party called Quinsinada, just to give you an idea on how big these parties are, their parents ask their daughters “Do you want a party or do you want a car” Yes it sounds crazy, but that is how it is in Venezuela, and because we love dancing, most of the girls used to opt for the big party. I used to crash every single party I could, using fake names, jumping the fence, or even trying to flirt with the birthday girl’s best friends, yes anything that would allow me to get into the party and dance! What is funny about this story is that even though I was crashing the parties, I would always end up getting to know all of the girls and becoming best friend with the birthday girl after all, and this all because I was the only guy who would not stop dancing until they kicked me out, and with all this practice I was also, most of the time, the best dancer!! The girls would wait for me to finish dancing with someone in order to dance with them… This lasted for a few years, until I came here to Canada and there wasn’t any more Quinsinadas I could go to… I had to do something about it, the past few years of my life were all about dancing and having fun, and that’s when I discovered Zumba® Fitness and started teaching it right away, now I create my own parties with my wonderful students! Then I met Bev, and she reminded me of Lorena, all of her energy and passion for dance, I finally have found someone that I can identify with and share a class with to bring you guys the best party every Friday at Fish Creek Recreational Center.



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