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Zumba® Fitness Stars

Our main motivation comes from the students who inspire us by bringing their smiles, energy, positive attitude, dance moves and grooves to class every day! Here are some of our most cherished Z-friends!.
  • Ceci
    Alias: The Z-Manager!
    Our biggest supporter FAN!!!! Thank you for everything Ceci!!!!
  • Neil
    Alias: Big Daddy! Yo-Yo!!
    Neil joined our Zumba® Fitness Class in the Summer of 2010, and has been ever since a faithful Zumbeiro multiple times a week! Neil brings such
  • Erin
    Alias: The Z-Chef!!
    Besides bringing her smile, positive energy, helping to teach class multiple times a week, Erin also brings us home-baked treats for a much deserved reward


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Zumba® Stars

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